I held workshops in different cities of Spain and Mexico that will be announced in the calendar.

If you are interested to attend any workshop but Infant Massage in your own city, put together a minimum group of 12 people and contact me.

The benefits of massage are multiple, and “because the skin is the first language” we know how important is to start giving massages to our babies.

That is why we teach parents how to approach this connection with their babies through massage.

We can help in the digestive, lymphatic, blood circulation, the colic, giving security and trust feelings, beef up the bounded, allow a reparatory dream and release both physical and mental stress.

The Infant massage benefit not only the baby but also her/his parents, as well as the personal relations around as family and neighborhood, affecting at the end positively to the society, reducing aggressively and violence as well as increasing respect and tolerance.

We meet 5 or 6 times for one hour to one hour and a half in reduce groups and prefer to leave enough time between sessions to allow parents to practice, but we adapt to your needs. We encourage that both mother and father assist to the workshop to facilitate the nourishing touch with their babies through the massage technique and reinforce their bonded and improve their communication.

infant massage Beatriz M. Pinet Touch of Life

The movement from what we are towards what we can become

This is the essence from the Metamorphic Technique that open us the door to transform, to be able to manifest our purpose in life, by getting in contact with our own life.

We meet to remember what we know already. Love is the best and unique medicine. And we don’t do a therapy or give a massage as some people believe, but as much we can say we send a message to our soul to awake. We connect with our sacred being, so we can become what we were designed to be, co-creators with the creator.

During the weekend workshop, we will cover:

  • The relation from the 9 pregnancy months with the feet and the emotions.
  • Though, Feelings and Action Centers.
  • Masculine and Feminine Principal.
  • Body-Mind Relation.
  • Practice on Feet.
  • Complete Practice on feet, hands and head.

After this weekend you can catalyze to your family, neighbors, friends, and people next to you to support them to transform their life. And when you feel secure that you are doing nothing but walking with the being that come to you, you could open your own practice to share it with more people and keep catalyzing and transforming life.

Metamorphic Technique Beatriz M. Pinet Touch of Life

We offer an Introduction Workshop only for professionals

To approach the Ancient path from the Mayans to treat the Infertility, place internal organs in the abdominal area and in the sexual organs in men and women. It will be held during a weekend, with mainly practice to experience in our own.

We start with the person sited on the massage table, later face down, lying on her back, on one side and another side and finally face up again. We will see all the movements and finish moving the organs to put them into place.

At this moment, the Professional Workshop is in development.

Maya Massage Beatriz M. Pinet Touch of Life

During a weekend

We will remember how to communicate with our inner being to feel our vital energy, making it cultivate, multiply and conserve, through simple exercises and meditations such as:

  • Stretching and self-massage
  • Smiling inside
  • Healing Sounds with Chi-Kung postures
  • Microcosmic Orbit
  • Hugging the tree

Tao Meditation & Chi Kung Beatriz Touch of Live