Through a deep massage in the whole body we contact with the sacred and holly part of you, with your soul, with your light, to be able to balance all the levels in your being.

It will be a work through your aware breathing that will helps you to let go all the blockages, past emotions, limitations and anything is creating disharmony on you.

I will guide you in occasions through some meditations or exercises to help you in the process to release what is not needed anymore.

Holistic Massage Beatriz Touch of Life

The Mayan wisdom brings us the possibility to work in all the abdominal problems and in the reproductive organs.

When there is infertility problems, could be treated on the ovaries and fallopian tromps or in the seminal vessels with very good results, improving the chances to conceive life.

The Mayans believe that we are link to the Universe through our navel. This is why we move all the “bad air” from the rest of the body towards the navel, to put the “cirro” on its place.

When we place the “cirro” on place, we release the intestinal problems, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, and difficult digestion as well as improve the reproductive organs.

After giving birth or because carrying weight women ovaries and uterus could be collapse into the pelvis, pushing down the vagina and creating incontinence and pain in sexual relations. A very important part from the Mayan Massage is to bring back the ovaries and uterus to place, solving those uncomfortable problems and limitations.

As well as treating the prost gland on men to avoid the inflammation and future problems.

Traditional Mayan Massage

The Facial Reflexology, as well called the Natural Lifting, for its inmediate effect in the renewal of the facial’s cells.

Lone Sorensen has studied the Vietnamese and the aboriginal from America and has developed this amazing method on the 80s.

As we know, the reflexology works with reflex points in the face, affecting to the rest of the body.

What makes Facial Reflexology unique is that we work on the neuro-lymphatic points, relaxing a lot the nervous system.

It does work not only on the physical but as well in the psychological, emotional and energetic level. That is why it gives so good results helping in little unbalance and chronic and acute illness or more complex diseases as cerebral paralysis.

Reflexología Facial Beatriz M. Pinet Touch of Life

Robert St. John developed this life philosophy from the investigation with a Down Syndrome Child.

Through a very subtle caress on the spinal cord reflex area on feet, hands and head, which is related to the gestation period, we allow releasing all the information that is recorded in our subconscious from those 9 months. When we catalyze the patient’s vital energy, we allow that the pure life makes the transformations that are needed, connecting with our self-healing capacity.

It is very appropriate for situations that we believe we are trapped, and we cannot see the way out, psychological problems, as well as chronic or difficult physical illness, mental handicapped, autism and over all, for any person who wants to live with awareness.metamorphic technique

It is a natural therapy which through a kinesiology test in the body, decide the points where to treat applying a pair of magnets. It is seeking to equalize the organism’ PH level.

It has been Dr. Goiz Duran, a Mexican doctor who developed this therapy on the 80s and since then has cured thousands of persons from cancer, lupus, Parkinson, Alzheimer, psoriasis, herpes, diabetes, heart diseases and many others that cannot even been mentioned.

Many illness and complex diseases are associated with the PH level and the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, toxins in the organism. The biomagnetism or biomagnetic pair treats the illness from the cause and balance the acid/alkaline PH level with the magnets.

We go to treat the etiology from the illness and not the symptoms, achieving very efficient and lasting results over time.

Biomagnetism Therapy Or Biomagnetic Pair

The Ancient Chinese Medicine developed this therapy to recover our center and the connection with our lower Tan Tien. Through a massage that starts working on the abdominal area, checking the different organs, we detected the needs to transform some of the emotions related with each organ and we can work in other areas if it is necessary.

The Chi Nei Tsang tends to be a guidance to teach the patient some Chi Kung exercises to transform the negative emotions into positive emotions. Giving so the tools to become free from the negative influence.

Chi Nei Tsang, Internal Organs Massage

All of us are born with a mesh around in the form of a flower of life that connects us with the Universal Source. That is why we feel our holiness as human beings and we can co-create our reality in a very easy way.

When we grow up, give the place to our behavioral patterns, our fear, the drugs, the lies and the separation, so this mesh is erased.

It is through the activation of some points and axiotonal lines in our body, that this mesh is rebuilt to allow us to connect with our true essence.

It is needed 2 sessions with no more than 3 nights in between.  And it is made once in life.

Only for who listen the call to keep her evolution path towards his/her purpose on life, the personal abundance and the connection with her/his inner being.

The Reconnection

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