I am the same than you, Light and Love in a physical body.

Since I was 6 years old,  discover my quality to listen to others and my fatal attraction to Down Syndrome children. Later I could perceive that my mission was to become therapist and work with Down Syndrome. So on 1987 I graduated as Occupational Therapist.

After some years working in hospitals in England and Spain in different fields and schools, I gave it up to became a Massage Therapist. Since then, massage became my investigation field as well as healing, so I have been studying the Ancient Massage Techniques as well as the more news and innovators ones.  I have been so like to study with very innovated teachers as Robert St John, Lone Sorensen, Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Goiz and always drinking from the source as with Mantak Chia, Coleen Bloy, Emilia Rosado (mayan partera)

Beatriz M Pinet About


I started to discover my own limitations and became aware of my potentials. I study all the philosophies that give me the opportunity to know myself better and give me more awareness. I have been with Budishm, Taoism, Chamanism, Secret Doctrines, etc having the opportunity to learn and be influence from great masters of each field.

All those experiences has bring me to a holistic approach in my work, treating all different fields, physical, mental emotional and spiritual as one.

It is from my own experience with mental and physical illness in the past that my therapy has become more real and deep.

My goal is to remind you to recover your own power, center and awareness to share it with others.

Each person and each moment are different. Do you want to start your transformation?

My sessions are designed to listening your needs and put on a mirror in front of you, to allow you to see which blockages are in that moment of your life.

Between all the range of different therapies that I offer you, you can choose one and be the director of your own transformation.

Beatriz Touch of Life


It would depend in which moment of life you are passing through, that you decide some healing to get more awareness, a methamorphic to transform or your have physical disease and  prefer the biomagnetic pair. Perhaps you prefer get into taoist meditation, so you get in contact with your breathing and your inner chi and smile to the world.

Or decide to receive a massage, which becomes then a dance through your aware breathing and an adventure to get in contact with your soul, and so be able to be in your own center to manifest your potentials and remove your limitations.

The improvement after a treatment is assured and you will enjoy the benefits from becoming your own healer.

Butterflies are the best representation of the metamorphic technique.

The reason of the butterflies is the pure representation of the transformation, how they go through different states and in each of them they show the best of themselves, they represent the movement of what we are and what we can become and describe very well the metamorphic technique.

Many times, we stay half-way, not reaching all the potential that we have in our interior, so, Touch of Life is an invitation that Beatriz M. Pinet makes us to approach and guide us to reach our transformation and enjoy that expression that we carry in our interior, through contact with hands.

Beatriz Touch of Life


  • Beatriz is a good health professional with whom I had a distance session of biomagnetic pairs. In that session she diagnosed in me mononucleosis, testing me in the distance, and she directed my treatment with the magnetics. I did it according to her instructions and it quickly became negative in one-two days and I was able to recover my health. I am very, very grateful because the symptoms were very strong, and I was in bed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... Beatriz!!!
    Mente Consciente
  • Matt Ollin
    I'm a writer from Charlotte, NC and so I'm too often sitting at my desk and hunched over my computer -- which leads to chronically tight shoulders, back and hips. Beatriz's treatment was powerful and effective -- she has an unmatched skill for finding your trouble areas and then releasing them. I felt as if genuine healing was happening through her hands. I strongly recommend Beatriz if you're interested in being treated by someone who has clearly been given a gift.
    - Matt O., April 2019, Charlotte NC

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