Distance Treatments by Phone or Video Conferences

The energetic work has been always practice, but the last years have become more popular. Many people could ask how it works. The ancient Taoist always said that “where we put the though, the energy will follow”.

And the quantum physics has come to prove how it works saying: “the observer change the observed”

In many occasions the distance work is quicker and deeper.

Is a tangible energy interaction with another dimensional intelligence.  It presents itself as the frequencies of energy, love and information.

Dr. Eric Pearl, in 1993, developed a process to teach others how to interact with this Intelligence.

Offered in individual sessions, Reconnective Healing is different in each person, as each of us has our own independent perfection. It is good to become an observer from our evolution and changes in the process of our sessions.

Notice what has begun to shift.

When you want a deep transformation in your life, connecting with your inner being to be able to do the changes that you need, a metamorphic session is ideal.

Through a subtle caress on the spinal cord reflex area on feet, hands and head, we act as a catalyzer to allow the true life to manifest and remind us the self-healing capacity that we have and the union with the All.

Metamorphic Technique Beatriz M. Pinet Touch of Life (2)

The neutral PH gives us the balance that our organism needs to preserve health. When we have a lot of acidity or alkalinity, we open the door to the bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites and leave the space for the illness to take place. When virus and bacteria make alliance, the disease begins to be more serious.

The bioenergetics allows us to test the person in the distance and determinate which points are unbalance and need to put some magnets. We keep the focus though on the pairs we need to treat until we test again and check that they have been balanced.

Bioenergetic & Magnet Therapy

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